Barcelona is the capitol of the Catalonia autonomous region of Spain. Catalonia is located at the northwest of Spain. The people here are called Catalans.
Spoken language is Catalan. Led by Gaudi Gridiron remaining from 1900 planned modern part is very interesting.
Being capital of the Catalonia Barcelona with its history, art and architecture is older that Spain itselft. It is founded by a nobleman in th 9th century.
Architect Villar has begun to built the Sagrada Familia Church in 1882, which is the symbol of the city. After one year Architect Antonio Gaudi took it over till his death, but could only finish the frontage of the church. This famous church is a sample for the gothic type and also called unfinished church.
Barcelona has the Mediterranean Climate. Summer is hot and humid, winter is cool and rainy. 2 km long La Ramblas is the famous shopping street. You are never bored at this street with its cafes, museums, shopping centers, street acrobats and musicians.
Meals are very similar to Mediterranean food. Fish is very delicious. Tapas is a type of salat, prepared with olive oil, potatoe, cheese, ham, sausage, fish and vegetables, and a traditional dish. It is also recommended to taste “tortilla” which is similar to the scrambled egg with potatoes.